Generating Medieval Cities for Fun, Creative Inspiration and Profit

Generating Medieval Cities for Fun, Creative Inspiration and Profit

For those with a an obbsessio for medevial Europe, is now hosting a Medevial city generator. With this generator, an image layout will be randomly produced giving you an idea of what a typical medevial city will look like. The images can be used for educational or possibly for game development. The model of this generator is based on Toy Town, which is hosted on the same website with the same author.

The Medieval period was a time of hardship and warfare for Europe. Because of that, this era had spawned a lot of interest for fiction authors to create stories during this period. Some stories may have fantasy elements while others chose to take a historically accurate route. Even fictional realms have a a pseudo Medieval setting that reminds us of Europe, even if it has a fictional name to the continent.

Since there is so much interest by creators during this time period, it should be useful for those that create content centered around this era. For example, generating maps may be useful for someone creating a table-top role playing game that utilizes maps. These maps can also be integrated into interactive stories used on mobile applications or even hard-cover books. The possiblities are endless for fiction writers and this tool should be in the arsenel of Medevial history fans.

Considering that the code is completely open source, it should be a problem ot audit the code for mistakes. One may also fork the code to create other fantasy map generators, assuming that they abide by th open source license.

For example, one may make a space map generator for those who love to create space novels. In fact, the model of this city generator was likely created to inspire adoptions by fantasy writers, game creators and other creative types.

While there has been mostly a positive reaction by critics, some have requested that the red dots have independent movement. Some have also suggested that it should be "inkified" so that it can be exported in a more visually pleasing format. Either way, the source code provides a great base for map and image generators that others desire to create.

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