New Fancy Animated Check List / To Do List

New Fancy Animated Check List / To Do List

A recent online tool has been growing in popularity. An animated to-do list cool 'strike-off' features was created by Gal Shir, the developer who brought us Color Hunt, among other design tools. Shir wanted to help people get better control of their lives by having a daily to do check list of what they accomplished and did not accomplish. Gal Shir also created this program to keep people motivated. Several mental health doctors agree that the strike off to-do list animation style is a form of psychology-of-play.

Shaw, from the digital design company Broken Square, took the strike off to-do list and redefined it for the next generation. Now, people can download the strike off list as an extension to any web browser. Not only does this feature save memory on a computer, but it also helps people get to the animated feature faster.

Shaw also developed a way to make the strike off to-do list available for smartphones. This instantly caused millions of people to download the app. People from all over the world have been raving about this feature for smartphones. One of the biggest reviews come from daily shoppers. A lot of times people forget their grocery list at home, or they cross something off their list before purchasing it. This animated strike off to-do list makes sure shoppers stay organized while shopping.

To the surprise of both Gal Shir and Shaw, community colleges and universities from all over are becoming interested in this to-do list. One professor stated that this type of to-do list would be helpful for online students who rarely use pencil and paper. Another professor has hopes of weaving this to-do list into the online college program.

Additionally, many organizations are also taking an interest in the animated to-do list. Many business owners are considering using the to-do list during the application process, especially since 90% of all job applications are submitted digitally. This will allow applicants to digitally cross out areas that are finished, and this will also help managers keep applications more organized.

There have been hundreds of other positive reviews regarding the animated to-do list for a variety of reasons.

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