Front End Developers Meet Needs Around the World

Front End Developers Meet Needs Around the World

Every able-minded and normal-bodied person across the planet learns to speak a language from their parents, guardians, caretakers, and peers. After speaking a language for some years - from childhood all the way into adulthood, for example - talking with other people is one of the most simple things a human could do - nearly as simple as breathing!

Learning another language after having already practiced one language throughout that person's entire life is objectively difficult. However, becoming proficient in a language outside of one's native tongue certainly IS possible - but that doesn't mean people frequently pick up other languages.

The majority of people don't know how to program, even though technology is growing at an incredibly speedy rate, effectively drawing more people into the field. Most still only have a minimal understanding of the bare-bones basics of front-end coding. Fortunately, there are several applications across the World Wide Web to help people practice the skill of website design - at least just on the front-end side of things, at first. What is front-end coding?

There are two parts of coding web pages: the front-end side and the back-end side. The former - the front-end side - refers to the portion of the Internet that people are view every single time they're on the World Wide Web. Facebook's blue-and-white pages were crafted to look that way through the front-end side of website design.
The inner workings of likes, comments, shares, and tags were built from the back-end portion of web page design. This kind of web design is certainly more difficult than its front-end, butterflies-and-rainbows counterpart because it contains complex programming language that requires moderate to significant experience in the world of coding to understand what it means and because it's so drab, bland, and bleak on the back-end side of coding. There's a way to learn front-end coding called

Codier is a web page that offers front-end coding challenges and creations to people alla round the world. Try building business cards, modals, CSS emojis, and multiple consecutive lines of animated text that cascades from the top left to the bottom right of the screen - all for fun! If not for fun, at least to learn. For more information click here

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