Free and Paid Book Selections for Learning UI and UX Designs

Free and Paid Book Selections for Learning UI and UX Designs

A web designer wants to know about some of the best books for UX and UI designs for 2020. They want one that has a focus on web and mobile applications. They are aware of some of the popular UX books, such as "Don't Make Me Think." They are looking for some that include UI in the information. This person wants to know more about how to get a good level of screen creation and user experience. Some of the things they want to learn about include spacing, accessible colors and hierarchical colors. They do not want to spend a lot of time hunting for articles online. The individual does not know English and uses a page translation function. This individual is open to a course on the subject.

One person replied to their inquiry and made a recommendation for the "Refactoring UI" book, which is available online for a fee. Another individual recommended the "Non-Designer’s Design Book", which offers some of the fundamentals on UI that the original poster wants to learn. A different person suggested that the original poster look at Graphic Design The New Basics. They said that it offers both useful and fundamental information as well as some helpful examples.

A person recommended "Laying the Foundations" as a good resource for performing UI and UX coding as a part of a team. One person had a few recommendations to make, including "A Book Apart." They said that this book is a good starter for UI and UX developers. They also suggested that the original poster take a look at the online resource Design Systems by Smashing Magazine. They had one more suggestion, which was the collection of reports by the NNG Group. Some of them are available at no cost, and some of them require a paid subscription or fee.

A few other people had recommendations for the original poster. Some of those recommendations included "Design for the Real World" and "The Design of Every Thing." One person recommended anything written by Erica Hall, who offers a fresh perspective that is rooted in accessibility. For more information click here

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