Feedback from several sources for a cyber comic-book idea

Feedback from several sources for a cyber comic-book idea

A person made an intriguing design about a one piece comic that allows the reader to virtually flip the pages as they read. It works like reading the pages of a comic book, but it is done with a neat animated effect. This person wanted to share their design and get some feedback from other people who design animated effects and animations for websites.

One person replied and said that they loved the effect and thought that it delivers a great user experience. They said it's not quite the same as turning the pages of a physical book, but that it was very close. One other person added that the Marvel comics site had some content with a similar effect a few years ago, and they enjoyed it then. They also enjoyed this person's work.

A different person wrote and said that they liked how smooth everything was. The user experience was seamless. The original poster wrote back and noted that it was how they rendered the elements on the page that made everything so smooth.

A few people wanted to see some of the code of how it worked. The original poster said they could provide a snippet or two. The original poster also warned that those codes are in .jpg within a directory, so others might not get the same results.

This page inspired others to relive their enjoyment of comics and animations. Several people wrote back that they enjoyed the time they spent on the site perusing the illustrations and story. They would like to see more of the original poster's work.

Others added a little bit of feedback. One said that they prefer a vertical orientation for reading comics, but they added that they liked this layout and animation. Many other people who checked it out said that their browser worked well with it, and there were not any slowdowns in the animated effects when the site was accessed on a smartphone. The people also added that they appreciated the original poster for both taking the time to make this and for sharing it with them. For more information click here

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