"Explaining" a Mysterious Online Issue: Several Explanations Available

A Mysterious Online Issue Strikes Without Warning Online, people have been discussing an interesting issue that can come up at times. One website owner noted that they decided not to retain any backups of their website online — at all. Then, one evening, the website inexplicably changed back to what it had been two years prior. This person compared the glitch to seeing Thewaybackmachine, an archive of webpages. Since this website owner was the only person in the world with access to the site's administration, they fleetingly thought that perhaps they had been hacked. However, such a hacker wouldn't have even gained anything from the exercise.

A Multitude of Explanations for the Odd Event One of the best suggestions was that perhaps the hosting company was responsible for the anomaly in some way. In the event that they lost a drive, perhaps they reverted to old backups. Although the website owner mentioned that the hosting company would keep backups for just a month, it is practically impossible to know. And even if one contacts the hosting company to find out what exactly happened, getting a straight answer about an event that took place over a short period of time can sometimes be difficult.

The DNS May Be Pointing to an Old DNS Server One of the simplest solutions is that the DNS could be directed toward an older DNS server, which would also explain the error. Many of the users also asked how the website was made — and whether or not there were backup functions on the platform that was used to create it. When troubleshooting such oddities, after all, sometimes one finds the answers lodged in the site's architecture. Other times, the issue is of a more external nature. Either way, it doesn't hurt to get to the bottom of what occurred. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/webdesign/comments/qk7fjt/weirdissue/.