Drop Down Menu Creates Heated Debate In Developer Forum

Drop Down Menu Creates Heated Debate In Developer Forum

On a web design discussion forum, a person shared that they recently created a drop-down that they were proud of. It offers a tabbing function. One person who took a look said that it was not obvious that a person could tab through the options. They suggested that the original poster indicate this somehow, such as with an arrow icon. A few people agreed with this comment and encouraged the original poster to take this recommended action.

An individual who looked at the original poster's website commented about its difficulty for smartphones. They said that it did not work for touch on their smartphone. This person did not say what type of phone they have or which mobile operating system or browser they were using on it. Another person noted that it did not work in HTML5.

A person who looked at it had two pieces of feedback. Their first one was to make the selected tab distinguishable from those that are not selected. The other was to use a downward arrow to indicate that the other items in the drop down menu can be reached through tabbing. A few others noted that they were unable to scroll on this with their mobile phones.

One person noted these issues as well as one with the text alignment. They said that the center-aligned text was not pleasing to the eye. This person suggested that the original poster use left alignment to make it easier for a person to scan the list of options. This individual added that they liked the animations used by the original poster.

A few people noted they liked the concept, but they all mentioned issues with scrolling, accessibility and responsiveness on smartphones. Most of them commented that they hope the original poster will put their recommendations into action and make some updates. If the original poster is able to make some updates to their design, the drop-down menu would be more useful to a person on a website. They all said that they would use the code snippet if it worked better, and they encouraged the designer. For more information click here https://i.redd.it/hd6aonlbz8q61.gif.

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