Don't Forget About Images When Applying Responsive Design to Websites

Don't Forget About Images When Applying Responsive Design to Websites

One programmer recently asked the community a question about responsive images. They are just getting started with responsive web design services, and they wanted to know what they could do in order to ensure that the images they are putting on their site would have all of the correct responsive attributes.

One person replied back with using the "picture" tags and "source" tags, along with a brief description of how each of these work. This person also suggested "srcset", "img" and "media" as some attributes to consider putting into use. This commentator gave a lot of examples of how they use those attributes and others in their own work, but that information could be a bit detailed and advanced for a beginner.

Another person replied with a suggestion to consider which types of images are responsive in the mobile browsers and environments. Not all of them are compatible with all of the image types. The original poster might want to verify the file types of their images before going ahead with their plans to do a lot of coding of the image attributes.

An additional person wondered whether or not it was a worthwhile endeavor or not to bother with making images responsive. This person's line of thought was that 90 percent of the assets they come across online are not responsive, so why bother? Others replied that 90 percent of those sites are not accessible for all users if that is the case. The goal of responsive designs is to make a site accessible for all environments and all users. This person noted that simply resizing the images could do the trick. Smaller images would load more quickly and take up less resources for the site owner.

Many other people came up with good reasons as to why it is preferable to take the time in order to make the images responsive to all devices and environments. With a majority of internet browsing taking place on mobile devices and smartphones, a site could miss out on a lot of traffic if all of its features are not set up responsively. For more information click here

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