Domain Registration And Hosting Guidelines For Freelance Web Designers

Domain Registration And Hosting Guidelines For Freelance Web Designers

Freelancing offers an attractive option to web designers as the work can fit around their schedule. Nevertheless, college teaches HTML, CSS and advanced coding, but typically not client relations and good business practices, like whether to offer to host clients accounts or buy domains for them. Even those who have worked at an agency followed the agencies practices regarding two basic, but very important, considerations; domain registration and hosting.

It's tempting to buy a domain name for a client and taking care of setting up name servers for clients who don't understand domain name registration. Clients should always own their own domain name and be responsible for renewing it each year. This way, if they forget to renew it, it isn't the freelancer's problem.

You can provide domain name coaching for clients who don't have a domain name yet. Make it part of your contract and charge extra for helping them choose a domain name. You can sit down with local clients and go over what makes a good domain name and the difference between the different domain extensions.

Clients should also host their site somewhere and take care of the monthly or annual fees. You may lose a recurring income, but it's not worth the hassle. You don't want to get stuck with a troublesome client who keeps installing plugins which break their site.

Choosing a hosting plan isn't easy if you've never done it before. You can explain shared vs dedicated hosting and help them choose the most appropriate one for their needs. Set up an affiliate program with a domain name registrar and a hosting company and take a cut of each sale. Many hosting companies also sell domains and they will set up the domain to point to their name servers, which is easier for clients. You should have the clients set up an account or accounts on their own computer from home or work with a link you send them. For more information click here

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