Do Not Make It a Practice to Fire Through Texts

Nothing about letting an employee go by text message makes sense. However, dozens of stories involving that exact practice have come to light. Not all employers understand proper hiring and firing etiquette today, though. Everyone expects an employee to handle the hiring and termination process with grace and composure. Employees often expect the same courtesy from employers, but that's not how things always play out. Countless Horror Stories Of How Employees Have Been Terminated A text message seems harmless enough, but nobody deserves that type of termination. Other stories include employees being let go on birthdays or anniversaries. Sometimes, workers have been confronted by managers in front of their peers. Others have walked in on a confused manager that thought the employee had already been terminated. Individuals in control of an employee's status with a given company don't know how to act sometimes. How A "Normal" Termination Should Play Out Employees across the globe are terminated each and every day. The termination process shouldn't be sudden for the employer or employee. In reality, attempts should be made to avoid a termination, if possible, through advanced feedback. A manager should sit down with the employee in private and discuss the intent to terminate employment. An employee should be told what they've done right and what they've done wrong. After the meeting concludes, an employee should understand why they've been terminated. Most employees won't be happy or excited about the action, but that's not surprising. A constructive termination meeting helps both employer and employee grow. Such meetings may help a former employee correct their professional issues with future employers. On the other hand, a former employee shouldn't feel utterly terrible at termination. Setting Up A Termination Process Helps Everyone Involved Terminations shouldn't be handled in an informal or casual setting. Letting an employee go is a serious matter for everyone involved. For that reason, an employer needs to set up an actual process for handling a termination. This should involve steps to prevent terminations in the first place and to provide positive and negative feedback to employees. The right process can help both employers and employees grow long-term. For more information click here