Discover More About the CSS Background Property in this Guide

Discover More About the CSS Background Property in this Guide

A CSS designer shared a link to an article about understanding CSS multiple backgrounds. This article features an in-depth discussion about the background properties of CSS and how a designer can leverage them. The background properties include colors, patterns, placement and more. The guide goes on to discuss background position, size, multiple backgrounds, stacking order, drawn backgrounds and more. The person who shared this article wanted to know what other CSS developers thought about it and whether or not they found it useful.

One person took a look and shared thoughts about liking the article and learning from it. Another person responded with thoughts that they also learned and did not realize all the things that could be done with CSS backgrounds. Several people thanked the original poster for sharing it and said that they would never have found this resource otherwise.

A person who read the article wanted to know how the designer made this. They asked if the person did their work in an HTML CSS editor or some other environment. They were not sure if it was a silly question because they are new to CSS coding. A person responded to their question, not understanding what they meant. The respondent gave that person a few ideas about text editors they could use. VSCode and Atom were a couple of options they mentioned.

Another individual loved this resource and gave their first award to a person on the forum. They found the resource to be helpful to their work and planned to use it heavily in the future.

In this large online CSS community, people often enjoy sharing resources that they found to be useful for their own work or personal projects. The atmosphere of sharing deepens the bonds between designers who sometimes have to compete for the same freelance gigs or the same job openings. Even though the niche is a competitive one, it is also one in which people help each other learn when they can. Most of the seasoned programmers look forward to sharing their knowledge and offering suggestions for learning resources to new coders. For more information click here

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