Design and Development Shortcuts: All in One Place

Design and Development Shortcuts: All in One Place is a site that offers every shortcut for designers in one place.

The site provides shortcuts for 8 different design apps under their "tools" section.
  1. Sketch Shortcuts: Made by Bohemian Code, Sketch is an app for modern digital-, web-, UI/UX-, vector- and icon-designer. Applauded for its flexibility and speed, Sketch allows creators to produce designs quickly and efficiently. Shortcut.designs provides general, inserting/selecting layers, moving/resizing layers and editing layers shortcuts for Sketch.
  2. Principle Shortcuts: Principle allows designers to prototype high-fidelity, interactive user interfaces and small UX-animations. Layers, editing, canvas/driver navigation, selection and preview shortcuts are all provided.
  3. InVision Shortcuts: Invision allows creators to test the flow of an app or website before pushing it to production. Through, visitors can learn screen navigation and building prototype shortcuts.
  4. Figma Shortcuts: Figma makes it possible to design, prototype, review, and collaborate all on one designtool. Learn file, properties, view, text and object shortcuts on the page.
  5. Adobe Experience Design (XD) Shortcuts: This app incorporates UX, interface design, and prototype features all in one. Edit/file menu, path/pen, arrange, distribute and align shortcuts are all available on the site.
  6. Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts: Adobe Photoshop makes it easy for designers to perfect photos and enhance interface design. Via the site, function keys, select tools and image shortcuts are all provided.
  7. Adobe InDesign Shortcuts: InDesign produces all things print design, including books, business cards, and brochures. Tools, transforming objects, table and type InDesign shortcuts are provided for visitors under this section.
  8. Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts: Another popular Adobe app, Illustrator creates vector art e.g. logos, sketches, and icons. Shortcuts including tools, draw, selection and edit can all be found on the page.
The "development" portion of the site gives viewers tips on how to navigate through Sublime Text, a text editing platform, and WordPress, which is used to build websites.

Miscellaneous does offer an easter egg. Under their miscellaneous section lies macOS shortcuts in which cut, copy, paste, log out, sleep and shutdown shortcuts are revealed.

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