Cyber Tips For Running A Highly Effective E-Commerce Site

Cyber Tips For Running A Highly Effective E-Commerce Site

If you are running an e-commerce website, it's absolutely critical that anyone accessing your site from any type of device be able to see the images of your products clearly. Imagine shopping in a store where you can't clearly see what you're buying. However, roughly 25% of all e-commerce websites contain images without enough resolution or level of zoom, and it's huge turn off to customers. In fact, studies show that the first thing most users check on an e-commerce website is the product images, and if they look grainy or they can't be zoomed in on to the satisfaction of the user, then the user leaves the site.

User perception

If a product image isn't clear, sharp and well-photographed on a website, people actually get a lower opinion of the product than an identical one that was photographed properly. In many cases, it's better to have no image at all than a thumbnail image that opens up into a blurry mess when it's clicked on. The impression that comes across is that the company doesn't care about their brand, and if they don't, there's no reason for anyone else to. The next logical step is to turn to the competition's website.

The opposite is also true. If the same product is photographed well and doesn't blur when its thumbnail is clicked on, users have a better opinion of it. Also, people are more confident that they're buying something that's high-quality if they can see a clear image of it, and perception becomes reality in the retail world.

Why zoom level is important

Shoppers want to be able to zoom in on an image and see it in close relief. Even if they don't learn anything new, it's still something that people like, and it makes them more likely to stay on a website and ultimately purchase whatever products they're zooming in on. Therefore, invest the time and technology it takes to make sure your products look fantastic when they're zoomed in on regardless of the platform. It's a small thing, but an important one. For more information click here

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