CSS Coding Resources Teach Web Designers Through Games And Animations

CSS Coding Resources Teach Web Designers Through Games And Animations

A web designer found a new way to learn or teach others how to use Flex Box. It is called Flex Box Froggy. This site offers how-to and tutorial guides that are animated. The animations go slowly, so they are easy for a new learner to follow. This person wanted others to take a look at this resource for CSS and share their thoughts about it.

One person wrote back and said that they prefer CSS Tricks to this site, but they did think the site was appealing. Another person added that they are learning on Flex Box Froggy and taking that knowledge over to CSS Tricks in order to hone their skills. Several others agreed on this approach, stating that Flex Box Froggy is a great teaching resource and CSS Tricks is an excellent reference guide.

Someone else mentioned a site where games are used in order to teach Flex Box and other CSS coding needs. This site is Code Pip. Another person recommended a site that offers games, called Mastery Games, which has a Flex Box Zombies game for people to use as a learning resource.

Another person suggested Grid Garden as a learning resource for a person who wants to get started coding in CSS Grid. A different person shared a website that functions as a sort of cheat sheet for different CSS coding needs. A few others suggested the Flex Box Cheat Sheet site for quick tips and syntax for coding.

A game called Fluke Out is available online for people who want to learn how to code in CSS Selectors. This website offers tips on how to code while a person plays a coding game.

All of these resources offer a fun approach to learning what can be a dry subject. When the mind is entertained, it can be easier to learn boring material. The person remembers what they were doing in the game. The cheat sheet sites can also be helpful when a person just needs a little reminder about syntax or their options when they are trying to update a certain design element. For more information click here https://v.redd.it/zjh3gab7wy941.

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