Crypto Currency Icons That Pop off the Page

Crypto Currency Icons That Pop off the Page

Coinicon And Its Unique Icons:

Coinicon offers designers an amazing array of crypto currency icons. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is similar in some ways to normal currency (known in the cryptocurrency community as 'Fiat Currency') using a technology called 'Blockchain.' Crypto currency was created in 2009. The crypto currency that Coinicon offers is truly unique. Coinicon was created by Rizal Renaldi, and it is a simplified version of crypto currency that can be used for logos and icons. Rizal Renald made these icons as his personal reinterpretation of actual crypto currency logos. The great thing about these logos is that they are able to maintain the same visual and essential aspects of the original icons. These are great icons that can be used to represent actual crypto currency, and you can easily download these icons. In order to do the download, all that you have to do is download the package, copy the font folder, and insert CSS on your HTML's head.

About The Icons

When it comes to the Coinicon icons, they offer over 64 crypto currency icons. These icons are based on the market's top rankings from the original crypto currency pages. When it comes to the size of these crypto currency icons, they are based on 48 PX. These can be enlarged or shrunk according to your own desires. All that you need to do is create your own set of sizes that can override the suffixes. The colors for Coinicon are preconfigured, and each icon has unique color gradients. The round frame variation uses the same color as the icon. These are variations that are easily combined with a size suffix.

Get A Great Look For Crypto Currency

Coinicon offers a wide range of color version and round version icons for a designers' page. It is free to download Coinicon for commercial or personal use, and Coinicon is able to offer unique design logos when it comes to crypto currency.

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