Create Your Best Background Ever with Cool Backgrounds

Create Your Best Background Ever with Cool Backgrounds

The Cool Backgrounds tool is a backdrop image creator for showcasing your blog posts in vibrant shades of colors and textures. You can customize all kinds of colorful images for websites, social media pages, and your personal blog. The finished background can be set as your desktop or mobile wallpaper.

It is a creative tool for those who want their sites to have dynamic backgrounds combined with gradient colors, thus producing an IOS-friendly design. Cool Backgrounds was once a CSS-based gradient generator but soon became popular within a subset of the community on Deviant Art, specializing in creating wallpapers.

Since people admire a visually appealing blog, adding a colorful background would definitely enhance your content in many ways: Are you looking for the perfect banner for your social media profile? Then, why not show off your creative side with a high-resolution image of Particles in motion or Trianglify for rotating triangles?

Particles are displayed in different molecular themes like Oxygen and Ether. If you prefer bright colors, you can choose themes like Ocean or Disco from CSS Gradient. To get more compelling images, you can select options such as their Gradient Topography or Unsplash, thus immersing the viewer in the 3-D projection effects of a backdrop.

Once you've finished editing an image, there is a download button to let you save it into a folder for future applications. In case you're wondering, Cool Backgrounds was developed from javascript libraries using the platform, Trianglify.js. As for the images themselves, they are licensed under a CC0, which means they are free to use. Some of the geometric shapes were inspired by the Google Backgrounds app and may appear to be in 3D.

This custom background tool is a great resource for making one's own color pallets. So far, users have praised Cool Backgrounds for its creative spin on animated images to enhance mobile themes and banners. This creative tool will draw attention to underrated libraries released by other web developers since Google's algorithm can't detect them otherwise.

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