Comprehensive Guide to Links and Buttons for CSS Coding Techniques

Comprehensive Guide to Links and Buttons for CSS Coding Techniques

A web designer shared a link to a comprehensive guide to links and buttons. This was on the CSS Tricks website, which is well-known for its thorough tutorials and how-to guidelines for new CSS users as well as those who are looking to increase efficiency and productivity in their coding. This tutorial includes information about how HTML, JavaScript and CSS come together in links and buttons and how accessibility plays a role in what a designer needs to do.

The tutorial offers an explanation of links and buttons, assuming that the person reading the tutorial is new to web design. There are examples of how to create links and buttons in HTML. This includes different types of links and buttons. There are coding examples, and they are annotated about what each step does and how each attribute changes the display. The writer of this article also included information about disabled links, disabling buttons and how to generate specific functions, such as making a button click trigger a download.

The article goes on to share CSS styling tips for the buttons. This set of guidelines could create a better flow on a website and boost the user's experience. There are also tips on resetting the button styles to the default options. The article goes on to add JavaScript considerations, such as making sure a button can only be clicked once when a user is submitting a payment for an online order or bill payment. Color contrast, shadows, borders, fonts and other aspects of accessibility are also presented for the various coding techniques.

Many people in an online design community took a look at this guide. One person replied and said that people using buttons as links drove them crazy, and they liked how the thorough tutorial differentiated when to use these features on a site. Another person commented about the text that should be used on a button in order to encourage the user to click it. One person stated that the words "click me" should not be used, but they did not explain why they think this is the case. For more information click here

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