Community Recommends Against Developing Websites That Function Like a Book

Community Recommends Against Developing Websites That Function Like a Book

A web developer who is just getting started has been commissioned to work on a project for a friend. The developer and their friend discussed making a website function like a book. The text would disappear after the person reads a certain amount of it. The pages would have a turning type of effect. The site would also have the text appear on the new page, just as if the visitor were turning the pages of a book. The only problem is that the developer does not know how to get started with their design ideas.

One person replied with tips on a website to use. It is a site that helps people with the uses JavaScript and offers code on how they can make a page turning effect. Several people seconded this website. A person added that years ago, they converted their magazines to a digital format and used that site in order to generate a page turning type of effect that would mimic what a person does when they look through a printed magazine. This person did warn that the effect works on a desktop or laptop computer, and it might not work in some of the mobile environments.

Another person wrote back to the original poster and suggested that they discuss the project with their friend a second time. This person stated that the page turning effect is not responsive to the mobile environment in most cases. Since so many people use their smartphones in order to browse the internet, the friend's site could end up with a low volume of traffic because the page turning effect will not perform properly or as intended.

This person went on to say that it would also date the site. The original poster replied that their friend insists on it. After this, someone else suggested that the developer try a tool called Swiper Slider, which uses an API. The tool makes it possible for the website visitor to get a slide or fade transition, and this tool is responsive to all of the known mobile environments and phone operating systems. For more information click here

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