Color Scheme Inspiration from Urban Landscapes

One important aspect of a successful aesthetic theme for any professional website is whether it uses a color scheme that is pleasing to the eye. Because imperfect color schemes can make any web page look not only unattractive but also physically difficult to keep one's eye constantly trained upon, web designers often devote effort toward experimenting with different shades of their planned color schemes. There are many online resources that provide comprehensive libraries of color schemes and list the HTML color codes that can be used to recreate them. Usually, these schemes have been manually selected and adjusted to minimize unpleasant clashes of colors.

Sometimes, however, a completely viable and functioning color scheme can occur to a web designer who takes notice whenever the surrounding environment incidentally arranges a set of colors that speaks effectively to one's artistic sense. A website named compiles a set of color schemes that are intrinsic to the contents of photographs of either natural or urban environments. These images represent mundane sights that people may never bother to stop to look particularly closely at; however, if those sights are not garish enough that people are not compelled to look away while walking by, they may translate well as color schemes that would give a website a unique and inviting atmosphere.

The English company behind, Eighth Day, curated a set of photographs that mostly capture urban locales that happen to feature distinctly colored objects and buildings near each other. A web designer looking for a color scheme can click on a photograph and be shown the three most relevant colors of interest occurring within the image so that they can draw inspiration on how the three colors can be incorporated into their websites' user interfaces and backgrounds. While it might seem pointless for to derive particular colors from a photograph of the exterior of a grocery store, an artistically minded observer can decide that the way those colors are segmented throughout the scene can work as a way to make use of those colors in their own HTML projects. For more information click here