Coder Wonders If They Are the Only One Feeling Stressed

Coder Wonders If They Are the Only One Feeling Stressed

A website developer admitted that they get stressed when trying to come up with and build a new web design. This person said that maybe they are not cut out for this type of work, but they added that they are 60 years old, and they are not sure what else they could do with their life at this age. This person wanted to know if other people felt the same way.

Several people wrote back and commended the person for admitting that they have difficulties with their work sometimes. One of those people added that just about all web developers have to Google an answer to a question, and a lot of them have to do this on a daily basis. There is no shame in not having all of the answers.

Another person wondered if the original poster has a thing called Imposter Syndrome. This is when a person who has been doing a certain type of work wonders if they really are that type of a professional or if they are just pretending to be one. The person who suggested this noted that the person who has Imposter Syndrome might say to themselves that the work is so hard, and they wonder if it is also as difficult for other people.

The same person suggested celebrating every success, no matter how small it is. Each problem solved or each piece of a puzzle that is added to the framework should help build a person's confidence and make them feel as if they really are a pro at what they do.

A different person replied and wanted to know what exactly was causing the original poster's stress. The original poster wrote back and said that they think their problem is that they jump right in to whatever they are doing and do not try to make a plan of action. This leaves them stressed and overwhelmed. The person mostly works in WordPress, and when they have a problem with a function or part of a theme, it takes them too long to figure out how to solve it. For more information click here

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