Coder Makes a Free Resource, But It Isn't Mobile Friendly

Coder Makes a Free Resource, But It Isn't Mobile Friendly

A person just released a sort of index of CSS terminology so that new coders as well as others can take a look at it and understand what the abbreviations and other codes mean. This person wanted the programming community to take a look at it and see if they thought it would be helpful. It is a regular thing for coders to create resources and make them available for others. This generosity is typically reciprocated, allowing everyone to learn over time.

One person noted that in the mobile environment, the text or document was cut off. This is a key part of making a website or web page in modern times. The site's layout and architecture has to be responsive to the device that the consumer uses to access it. A vast majority of consumers in the United States use a mobile device, usually a smartphone, for their internet browsing. If a document or website does not display well in the mobile environment, people will quickly navigate away from it and go to a site that does display well. The first thing that this coder needs to do is make the site responsive.

Another person replied that the document was helpful. They said that some of their past problems could have been solved in five minutes instead of an hour if they had access to this document. Knowing the correct CSS terminology would make it a lot easier to Google a solution to a problem. This person expects to use the CSS terminology guide as a future reference when they need to solve an issue in their programming.

Most people commented about the lack of responsive design. They noted the irony in a programmer making a function that does not work on the majority of devices. The person who created this resource is aware of the issue, and they are working to solve it. They hurriedly made this in order to get some feedback. Their plan is to make it 100 percent responsive so that it displays properly in all of the mobile environments that people tend to use. For more information click here

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