Coder Finds Delight in a New to Them CSS Feature

Coder Finds Delight in a New to Them CSS Feature

One programmer recently shared a demonstration of the hidden power of CSS text align. This person was rather excited about their finding. Other programmers were already aware of this attribute of CSS. A person who noticed this comment from the original poster suggested that the original poster had likely been reading articles about features without having a full understanding of CSS basics.

Another person figured that the person who shared this article likely just discovered that CSS offers a text align attribute. They told the others to allow the original poster to simply enjoy their discovery. This person also said that experienced coders should not bash the original poster. Everyone was new to CSS at some point, and discovering a cool attribute can be exciting to a new coder.

A person replied that the original poster would probably be equally excited when they discover the CSS attribute for object fit. This person also suggested that the original poster would also like discovering attributes of CSS including hover opacity, poly fills and more.

A lot of people replied with sassy comments and retorts about the original poster's excitement. This is unfortunate because it demonstrates a poor attitude in those people. One person added a thoughtful comment that every CSS developer should review the language's reference manual once every year or so. The reference manual contains information about all of the CSS features. It would serve as a good introduction to new programmers and as a reminder to people who have been coding in it for a while.

Another person shared a way to make text align vertically. This is accomplished through the CSS flex box attribute. Additional people explained how to make the most out of flex box for aligning text in a desirable way around images, animations or videos on a web page.

A few more people explained their own confusion about the different text alignment and setup features. CSS has a lot of different features related to the alignment of text, and some people were not sure of which one to use when or what the features' differences are. For more information click here

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