Check Out the Themed Designs in Flash on These Sites

Check Out the Themed Designs in Flash on These Sites

Some of the most creative websites are those designed to support films, video games, and television series. The "Space Jam" website, for example, has stood the test of time because it checked all the marks with regard to what movie audiences needed to know about the film; moreover, it also offered some neat interactive features. We can say the same about the defunct sites for "The Getaway" video game and for the great HBO series "The Wire."

Now we have the gorgeous website for the fantasy streaming series "The Witcher," which is a Netflix original. It should be noted that this show is an adaptation of a few novels, which has been previously adapted into a video game franchise. The streaming Netflix series has heavily borrowed the look and style of the video games, and it has tried to emulate the graphic violence of HBO's "Game of Thrones." As for the website, it ties in beautifully with the series, but it does so with a few sacrifices in terms of resources.

"The Witcher" website essentially throws visitors into a map and a timeline of the series, which closely adheres to the novels. If you haven't seen the series or played the video games, beware that the site will present lots of spoilers, but you can definitely appreciate the coding and presentation. You should also know that this project was developed with Vue, and it features tons of JavaScript animation tricks.

While the content and presentation are top notch, there's a problem with this website, and it is something that we are seeing too often these days: It assumes that visitors are browsing on powerful devices. Some developers browsing on iPhone XS models report that their phones struggled with loading and displaying the site while heating up and losing battery charge.

The trend of adding effects that recall the Flash days is gaining popularity among web designers and developers, but there should not be assumptions about visitors browsing on high-end systems. Keeping the least common denominator in mind is still crucial in the web development world, and this is important to remember. For more information click here

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