Brilliant or Ineffective Web Design: Animator Defends Their Unconventional Approach

Brilliant or Ineffective Web Design: Animator Defends Their Unconventional Approach

A person who likes website animations recently came across a neat one that they wanted to share with the programming and site design communities. When others took a look at it, they found that the animation speed was a big turn-off. The time that it took the animation to load, do its thing and load the rest of the page was frustrating to people. It took too long even for people with a high data speed on their devices.

One person noted that the speed should be at least 200 to 400 ms for an animation. Another person noted that when they were designing animations, they were told to make the design smaller if it was going to be a complex animation. The net result would be a faster time and less frustration to users.

A person who took a look at this site noted that they would not spend much time there simply because of the slow loading speed. They assumed that if one thing loaded slowly, the rest of it would also likely be too slow for their preferences. Several people simply did not like the style of the animation for the logo. One person noted that it looked dated. They recommended a simple fade in and out for the logo. This would take less time and not look so dated.

The original poster who made the animation will keep the rotation effect of the animation. They are also thinking about adding another effect, such as flickering. This could slow the loading speed again. One person remarked about the animation's poor flow and low level of usability. They noted that these problems contradict most modern design elements.

The original designer wrote back about the comments left by other viewers. They noted that they design more for emotion than for functionality or speed. They want their animations to make a connection with the people that view them. The designer believes that when people connect to a site on an emotional level, they will be more likely to make a purchase or to return to the site to browse again. For more information click here

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