Bootstrap Makes Web Design Easier for Developers

Bootstrap Makes Web Design Easier for Developers

Bootstrap makes it easy to learn responsive web design with HTML, CSS, and JS. There are free and paid templates, plugins and more for front-end designers to customize. It helps to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript before learning Bootstrap as it will make learning it much easier. You don't need to reinvent the wheel by refusing to use a front-end framework but you should know how the wheel works.

A lot of web design firms use Bootstrap because it speeds up the time is takes to build a website. Everyone uses it and there are a bunch of sites that look amazingly similar. Bootstrap is also heavy; it can take a while to load right out of the box. There are other frameworks that are much lighter.

There are people who say website design is dead. You have Bootstrap and content management systems which allow almost anyone to design a website in no time at all. Designers rebelled and used uneven grid galleries, overlapping images and other elements that made their designs stand out.

Nicepage is a website builder which allows for free positioning with its drag-and-drop tool. Nicepage websites are mobile-friendly with clean CSS and HTML. There's no coding necessary, which scares some web designers because anybody who needs a website can build it themselves. Fortunately, most people who are not web designers don't understand UI design. They can use a website builder or WordPress and to create a site but if visitors don't like the website, they won't convert or return.

Even the best front-end framework, website builder or CMS will not help if you don't understand good UI design practices, which is a skill all good website designers have. You can ruin a perfectly usable website by choosing something as simple as the wrong color scheme, font, font size or button text. For more information click here

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