Best Web Development Bootcamp Courses

Best Web Development Bootcamp Courses

The deal of all web developer bootcamp deals has just surfaced, and we have none other than the Happy Geek Deals Twitter to thank for showcasing it. While Happy Geek Deals played their hand in spreading the generous word, Udemy, an online learning platform, are the ones who will be offering the jaw-droppingly inexpensive course. Down from a rather costly $200, Udemy has reduced the price to $10.99 - that's a whopping 94% decrease in price! While some believe Udemy's constant reduction in price is nothing but a hoax that deludes audiences into thinking they're locking in the deal of a lifetime, $10.99 for a multifaceted web developer course is still nothing to sneeze at.

There's no refuting that the price is nothing short of fair, but perhaps it's the learning material that'll serve as the ultimate hook. Udemy has encapsulated the contents of the course with this sentence: the only course you need to learn web development - HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and more! With upwards of 200k students enrolled, a coveted 4.7/5 consumer rating, and multiple language options that cater to a widespread audience, Udemy is giving all other web developer bootcamp courses a run for their money. With the modest fee of $10.99, registrants will be granted the following amenities: 42.5 hours of on-demand video, over 50 articles, 31 additional resources, access for life, and mobile and TV access.

While the aforementioned benefits are undoubtedly advantageous, the true takeaways will stem from the learning content. While Udemy has an extensive list of topics that the course will touch on, there are a few lessons that have an immediate appeal. Creating intricate HTML forms, DOM manipulation, HTTPS understanding, and creating Node modules are among the few. Udemy will also provide an outlet for attendees to write web apps, implement responsive navbars, create static HTML and CSS portfolio sites, and create browser-based games.

The promotion concludes with a description portion in which Udemy lists the opportunities that their web developer course can provide. For only $10.99 why not become apart of the 94% that Udemy claim go on to get full-time developer jobs after completing the course?

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