Avoid These Common Mistakes When Adding Animation To Your Website

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Adding Animation To Your Website

A web designer recently came across an Australian site for a daycare center. The site is family-friendly and has a lot of fun and colorful animations that appeal to the viewer's visual senses. This person wanted to know what other website designers thought about the family-friendliness of this website.

Several people noted that the site might not perform to the desired standards on a smartphone. They noted that the animations take longer to load than a site that would use just a couple of animations or static images. They also noted that the way the new content loads as one scrolls down the page causes a delay. That delay could frustrate mobile users.

One person noted the unusual smoothness of the scrolling, and they figured this could be a result of a tool called After Effects. Most sites that have this type of content loading setup do not move as smoothly when the user scrolls.

People also noted that the site does not have very much content. They recommended removing many of the animations and spending more time focusing on quality content that would inspire the visitor to explore the site and make a contact with the business.

Another person noted that anyone who has accessibility issues would have trouble exploring the site. A screen reader would not be able to keep up with all of the animated effects on the page. The person listening to the screen reader might not get the gist of what the website is all about because of the heavy load of animations and light load of content.

The same person noted that the plethora of animations is distracting. A few well-placed images or animated effects help tell the story or reinforce a point. When a site is filled with them, the viewer may get visually fatigued or overwhelmed. This is probably not what the web designer is aiming to do. It would behoove the designer to test the site on a variety of mobile devices and with a screen reader or another device in order to ensure that the site has the desired accessibility. For more information click here https://v.redd.it/qiwj36s3m9931.

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