Avoid Falling Into the Trap of a Template on Sites

Since early 2017, mobile web traffic has surpassed desktop web traffic, which is the core audience for the mobile and hybrid devices industry. The two trends are likely to continue, with the former seeing the most growth on a nearly exponential level; to this effect, the world of website design and development is heavily shifting towards mobile projects, and this is clearly reflected on queries and opinions posted on web design forums.

A mobile web developer was recently tasked with a project for an online and offline marketing agency catering to business owners in Virginia. After showing off the project to her peers, she received quite a few opinions on the elements that clearly worked as well as others that could benefit from adjustments. In essence, the recommendations mirrored many of the current sensibilities impacting mobile web design, which are summarized below:

Contrast Still Matters

Every single web design project, whether it is for desktop or mobile audiences, should be run through WebAIM, the Web Accessibility in Mind tool. The contrast checker tool of WebAIM will let you know if you need to adjust your color palette in order to establish visibility.

Font Sizing Can Make a Big Difference

When you have larger text behind smaller text, you may end up with a design situation whereby readers have a hard time focusing on the lines and paragraphs. When designing mobile websites, you never want to make it difficult on readers, particularly those who use smartphones with smaller screens.

Don't Fall Into the Popular Template Trap

There is nothing wrong with using proven templates for new projects. Many of the developers who contribute to WordPress, for example, are excellent interface designers whose contributions end up becoming very popular. The problem with this popularity is that it often attracts the wrong kind of users. In the aforementioned project for a marketing agency, some designers commented that the layout and color scheme reminded them of scam websites peddling cryptocurrency schemes, and this was because such scams tend to use the same free WordPress template, which happens to be stylish and responsive. You can never go wrong with custom templates and personal palettes. For more information click here https://v.redd.it/mh0maa1evi061.