Amazon Is Testing Different Layout Options and Updating User Experiences

Amazon Is Testing Different Layout Options and Updating User Experiences

A web designer wanted to discuss Amazon's failed but beautifully designed three-column layout experiment. This person compared it to Amazon's standard two-column layout. They wanted to know what other people thought about the three-column design and why Amazon decided not to use it.

One person disagreed that it was a beautiful layout. They noted that the major difference was that the product image was larger than in the two-column layout. The same person also added that some of the other items on the page were shifted a bit. They did not like that experimental layout and suggested that instead of doing this, Amazon should move all of the other products suggested to the buyer to a different location on the page, such as at the bottom of what is visible when scrolling.

Another person said that they thought the point of the experimental layout was that people would see all of those product suggestions and maybe buy one of them or add them to their list for future shopping. If any of the other products are more expensive, the person might choose on of those suggestions, which would net the company more money.

A different person replied, stating that they also did not like the layout. They found it to be too promotional to other items that the person was not looking for. Someone else added that Amazon is always testing out new types of user experiences in order to see whether or not people spend more time on the page or are more likely to make the purchase and tying it to the page's layout style.

Someone else decided to try to explain the psychological differences in the three-column versus two-column design. They noted that the perception, size and different buying options all give the user a lot of information. Trying to digest or process all of that information could be a challenge for the user to deal with visually. Overall, most people preferred the two-column design, but they would still push all of the product suggestions and alternate seller information to other parts of the page for clarity. For more information click here

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