All About User Interface Design Kits

All About User Interface Design Kits

User interface design tools can help designers create stunning visuals for websites. Design system and UI kits contain pages or elements and UI controls which designers can customize. You can still use paper and a pencil to design the look of a site, but why not take advantage of the tools available to you? They speed up the design process, which is useful as clients are typically impatient.

Design Systems Vs UI Kits

UI kits are mockups, usually pages for specific industries. The look good out the box, but they may not have the features a designer wants. If a designer needs a rapid visual prototype, a UI kits is ideal.

Design system kits are elements that help maintain consistency easily. They may contain a sample UI kit. When your company has a design system, you have a library to call up commonly used elements, as opposed to designing them from scratch each time. If you are designing for the company's different brands, you can keep the same feeling for each brand, yet develop each brand's unique style.

UI Kits Examples

Quicksmart - Quicksmart offers flexible UI elements which you can place anywhere on your site.

Designio - Designio offers a broad range of home pages and inner pages, plus shop pages.

Fortis - With Fortis, you can drop elements in a grid system of your choice.

Design System Examples

Material - Google's Material has many exciting resources for anyone who wants to build a trendy website. There are typography guides, color palette selections and best practices guides.

Carbon Design System - Carbon Design System by IBM offers reusable components maintained by the Austin, Texas IBM Design Studio. It's built for React.

Both UI Kits and design systems can make a web designer's life much easier. Why reinvent the wheel? For more information click here

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