AI has been changing the landscape of the world, now with the ability to change wire frame to HTML.

AI has been changing the landscape of the world, now with the ability to change wire  frame to HTML.

For a while, people have feared that artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to take their jobs. As technology moves forward at an astonishing pace, it does seem that a lot of busy work jobs and even more advanced types of jobs may be shifted to AI. In a story recently released on tech websites, AI has achieved a considerable milestone by turning wire frame into HTML code. The reactions of developers, tech analysts and other vested parties are mixed.
A few tech developers note that one way a person can get over the fear of AI taking their job is to learn how to be an AI developer or configuring specialist. While this would take some time and dedication, it would ensure that a person is not going to get run out of a job simply because a computer can do it better or faster than a person can. In order for this to be an achievable strategy, the person who is afraid of AI job theft must be able to overcome their fear and have confidence about their own abilities to learn and change along with the changing times.
Some of the other people who took a look at this AI milestone noted that following current and future trends in technology is also important to staying employed in the industry. Every developer has to stay relevant. As the tech changes, so do the skills of the most successful people who work in it. It is people who created AI, and people have the capacity to change the progress and applications of AI.
An experienced developer also stated that every time a new story like this pops up, there are another two stories of supposed game changers that go nowhere. As of 2019, there is no consensus in the tech industry about code bases for AI systems. There is also no consensus around how to implement best practices in AI. Until a consensus can be achieved, there will still be plenty of jobs for developers who are able to stay relevant and continue building on their range of programming skills. For more information click here