A User-Generated Art Site Makes the Most of Program Glitches

A User-Generated Art Site Makes the Most of Program Glitches

A web designer shared a link to a site called Glitch Art Generator. This site offers gradients in different shades. A user can select their preferred gradient, the amount of glitches and the distance from the center. This person wanted to know what other web designers thought about the site, how it works and the concept of this type of art.

A few people made crude jokes about the name or variations on the name. One person wanted to know if it would be possible to save the images generated. A different person answered that question, explaining that using a desktop art program, such as paint, would allow a person to save the image as a .jpg or other file format.

Some people had questions about the site. One of those questions was what a person could do with that art in the context of glitches. Another person wondered where they could use it. Somebody else said that the downloads in .jpg were too blurry to use. They wondered if another file format, such as .png or something else would make the image clearer.

Another person commented that they liked the art. They added that they hoped the original designer would add a few more options or variations on it. Specifically, this commentator thought that angles and radial lines would look neat on future versions of the site.

It is worth noting that the Glitch Art generator did have versions for mobile phones, tablets and desktop or laptop computers. Web designers create these art generation websites in order to show some of the possibilities of what can be done and how the art can be customized. They provide a few minutes of amusement for a person.

Many users would like to see some real-life examples of how to make use of the art they generate. If the web designer does not put a stipulation on the use of the images produced by the generator, then the person who inputs information should be able to use those images in any way that suits their fancy, including printing them as wall art. For more information click here https://glitchart.io/.

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