A Person Can Learn More About Coding From These Resources

A Person Can Learn More About Coding From These Resources

Most coding bootcamps serve a useful purpose for employers looking for coders with up-to-date skills and people seeking a high paying job without spending four or more years in college. Since the bootcamps are expensive, you want to attend a good one which gives you the skills you need to get a good job. Here's how to spot a shady bootcamp so you don't waste your money:

  1. You're Promised an Amazing Salary

Sometimes, people land great jobs that pay well, but these are the exceptional students, not the norm. In reputable bootcamps, graduates earn more than they did before, but the big salaries come when they get their second or third job and gain experience in a variety of settings.

  1. You'll be Done with Your Education in One Year

Coding changes constantly. You have to commit to a lifetime of learning if you want to stay relevant. You may not have to go back to bootcamp, but you'll never be done learning.

  1. You Have to Sign Up Right Away

Shady bootcamps pressure prospective students by saying the bootcamp starts soon and they must sign up right away to reserve their spot. Coding bootcamps can last a year and cost $10,000 or more. This isn't a decision you should take lightly. Explore your options and rule out those with salespersons who exert undo pressure.

  1. Everyone Can Code
    Coding bootcamps which claim everyone can code lie. Being a software developer is not the right job for everyone. People who get frustrated easily don't do well at coding. Perfectionists make good coders because everything has to be perfect to work. People who are not detail oriented don't make good coders.

There are excellent coding bootcamps across the country. If you're unfamiliar with coding and feel like this is a good opportunity, take some free online coding classes first. It will help you decide if you enjoy coding and learn what to look for in a bootcamp. For more information click here https://twitter.com/lzsthw/status/1212284566431576069.

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