A Look into Paul Stanley's Blush Design App and Plugin OR Blush - The New Graphic Design Tool By Paul Stanley

A Look into Paul Stanley's Blush Design App and Plugin


Blush - The New Graphic Design Tool By Paul Stanley

Free image repositories are like gold for web designers and developers, particularly when they consist of high-quality illustrations that can be customized. One of the latest entries in this regard comes from Pablo Stanley, a respected and prolific graphic artist who recently announced the launch of the Blush Design App and plugin.

In essence, Blush is a graphic design tool that started out as a Figma plugin but will soon be available for the more popular Sketch platform. Blush also works as a standalone web application, which means that illustrations can be downloaded and added to projects. The next stages of Blush include a Chrome extension and a plugin for Adobe XD. For the most part, Blush is free as long as you download PNG files; there is a premium option for designers and developers who want more professional functionality including the ability to create scalable vector graphics. According to the Blush terms of service, attribution is not required, but it would be nice if the web development community gave credit where applicable.

As for the existing catalog of Blush illustrations, there are twelve collections as of mid-May, and they include the following categories:

  • Friendly humans.
  • Skylines and urban landscapes.
  • Open human figures.
  • Shoes and apparel.
  • Joyful humans.
  • Plants.
  • Snacks and meals.

One of the most interesting features of Blush allows users to randomly pull up an illustration that can be instantly modified with available elements. For example, a meal consisting of a beverage, a main dish, and an extra side dish or condiment can be randomized or mixed with various elements. You can start out with pink lemonade, a burger, and condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise; the point-and-click interface will allow you to grape soda, a slice of pizza, plus a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Over time, Blush will attract a larger cadre of illustrators, but the current eight artists are certainly top-notch. Aside from Pablo Stanley, Blush boasts names such as Bonnie Kate Wolf, Diana Aguilar Ortiz, Elsma Ramirez, and Susana Ortiz. Many of the contributing artists are from Latin America, which means that you get playful and colorful illustrations that will look great in just about any project. For more information click here https://blush.design/.

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