A Hexagonal Grid Is a Good Skill for CSS Coders

A Hexagonal Grid Is a Good Skill for CSS Coders

Think for just a moment about how those popular tabletop war games use hexagonal grids. As a web designer you can use the same hexagonal patterns to create visually appealing sites. The problem is finding an effective way to build the grids. Some developers are exploring the use of a CSS grid for this purpose.

There are challenges to this type of design. For example, auto placement of the hexagonal elements is not possible with a CSS. Designers must have an idea of what the whole project will look like as opposed to piecing it together in a WYSISYG fashion.

The solution according to one developer is to use the CSS grid to make another grid for the hexagonal elements. This allows for arrangement of the hexagonal elements into columns and rows, and it makes placement much easier.

Some knowledge of HTML is required, of course, and so is an understanding of CSS functions. The reward in this type of design is an engaging and visually appealing way to make a website responsive. That is what the web visitors of today are looking for.

The ability to make a website look good is not enough in today's design environment. Some websites are very clean in their presentation, yet they still fail when it matters most. Getting web visitors to take action and engage with web content is what leads to conversions.

Something new like a hexagonal grid can be fresh ground for the eye. It makes a website stand out in a way that is unique. A distinct website is going to create more curiosity on the part of the audience. These grids are also good for maintaining compartmentalization. Web designers may find that a hexagonal grid makes it much easier to direct the web visitor to a desired outcome. For more information click here https://ninjarockstar.dev/css-hex-grids/.

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