A Good UI Delivers Top Results on Clarity of Content

A Good UI Delivers Top Results on Clarity of Content

User interface design includes visual elements users see and interact with on your website. UI design includes icons, buttons, breadcrumbs and other components which define the brand. UI design is important because it defines how your audience uses your website. Changing one small detail in your UI design can have a major impact on how long users stay on your website.

Consistency in UI design makes visitors to a website feel like the brand is reliable and trustworthy. Visitors should know where to find certain elements even if they have never been on the site before. Most people look for site menus and shopping carts in the same locations on each site they visit. Moving these elements to unfamiliar locations can confuse and frustrate visitors, leading to high bounce rates. If visitors cannot find something easily, they will go to another website.

Simplicity is also important in UI design. Giving visitors too many options confuses them and distracts from the next logical step you want your visitor to take. Keeping your visitor's attention focused is key to keeping them on your website. Illustrations, which are ideal for breaking up large blocks of text, should fit the overall style of the site and not distract visitors. Use illustrations to guide your visitor's path.

UI design is all about clarity. Have you ever had to hover over a website's icons to see their functions? Abstract icons, vaguely worded CTA buttons and other unclear elements will increase your website's bounce rate, which may lower your position in the SERPs.

Good UI design depends on the industry and a website's target audience. You would expect different icons and typography on a site devoted to skateboarding than you would on a financial services website. An interface which takes into account the typical visitor's tastes and preferences is a great UI. For more information click here https://www.crowdform.co.uk/blog/7-lesser-known-tricks-to-level-up-your-ui-design.

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