A Glimpse At the Apple Logo from 1992 Brings Criticism

A Glimpse At the Apple Logo from 1992 Brings Criticism

A website designer shared an image of how Apple's website looked in 1992. The image was how the logo and text appeared on the NCSA Mosaic browser on a Mac Classic II computer. It featured the rainbow apple and graphic with lines of text. The person who shared this wanted to know what other web designers thought. They were especially curious considering that many web designers may not have even been born when that graphic was in use.

Many people got a kick out of the last line of text in the graphic, which was for "smorgasbord." Another person pointed out that in 1992, most websites were not heavy on images. A lot of people noticed the drop shadow effects and wondered about it and why it was so heavily used on that logo and on others from the time. A few people had explanations for it, but most concurred. A general explanation was that Photoshop was available, and people went a little crazy with it.

Another person commented about the texture on the strokes of paint, thinking that the designer went a little overboard on it. A few noted that the graphic probably took a long time to load. Many people had suggestions for other sites that had a similar design and wondered if anyone remembered them. Some of the sites suggested included Hypercard, Hot Bot and Macromedia. Some wondered if people remembered some of the early games for Macs.

Others wondered about whether or not there were search engines in 1992 like there are today. A person answered that question and explained that Altavista, Lycos, Infoseek and Yahoo came to be around 1994 to 1995.

A multitude of people noted the accessibility problems of that site design. They explained that anyone who was visually impaired would have had a lot of difficulty looking at that site. The stucco background was just one of the problems that multiple people pointed out about the accessibility issues. They also noted that anybody with color blindness or low color vision would also have had a problem with the site's mostly white text. For more information click here https://svbtleusercontent.com/ov3aqotjljgmcg_retina.png.

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