A Comparison of Figma Versus XD for Web Design Pros

A Comparison of Figma Versus XD for Web Design Pros

A web designer created a YouTube video on how to use Figma in order to design a website user interface. They wanted to know what others thought about the video tutorial and the tips they shared. One person wrote back and said that they have been working with the XD tool for about a year and thought about switching. They wanted to about the advantages of Figma over similar tools. One person wrote back with a list of tips, including these:

  1. XD is still a work in progress. It gets updates, but there are a lot of lacking features that the community would like. One example is that a user cannot get different line heights in the same block.

  2. XD is unstable. The user said that on their students' computers, it often crashes. They also noted a blank screen after waking a computer from sleep or hibernation mode when it has been in XD.

  3. Some XD features are useful, but it does not make up for the lack of other essential features.

  4. Auto animations are fun, but other tools that are more stable can do the same thing.

  5. As a teacher, this person says they do not like the user interface layout changes that happen on a regular basis.

  6. This person dislikes that they have to use one of their Adobe seats in order to log into Figma on a browser and access their files and plugins.

  7. The Figma file organization is not very organized.

Another person seconded the poor file management setup of Figma and noted its lack of features.

Another person added that they work with both and prefer Figma because there was a shallow learning curve. They added that Figma is not in Adobe's environment, so no installation is required. They can use it on their phone without having to install an app. They also added that if you share a link with somebody, they can see your work in real time. This is helpful in meetings with students or clients. Someone else seconded the utility of Figma for collaboration. For more information click here https://youtu.be/m0sHva0JjZE.

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