A Coder Achieves Their Dream of Making a Design Blog

A Coder Achieves Their Dream of Making a Design Blog

A website designer who enjoys design ideas and discussions has long dreamed of making their own design blog. They finally managed to do this, and they wanted to share their success with other designers. The website, which is called Design Up to Date, has a minimalist aesthetic. It is easy to navigate. There are menus along the right side,and the options slide out when the cursor is over them. This website includes several headers under which there are blog posts. Those headers include tutorials, UI/UX, inspiration and graphic design.

The page also has a search function, allowing a user to look for a keyword or key phrase. There is some color in the header, but the background is white. The designer of this website wanted to know what people thought about it and how it worked in different operating systems, browsers, devices and environments. One person wrote back that the menus were in a different place when they accessed the blog on a desktop compared to when they accessed it on a mobile device. The coder appreciated this feedback and planned to implement a fix for that problem.

One person noted that the animations were too fast for the sliding of the menus. Another person commented that there were a few logo alignment issues. They also noted that the large size of the logo causes the content to be pushed down. They suggested putting the logo higher on the page, near the menus. This would enhance the alignment and fix the vertical push problem.

Overall, people liked this design. They also liked the content that is on the site thus far. The site's owner added that they plan to put more content on the site. A few people stated that they liked it so much, they would be honored to write guest posts about web design topics. It is a good thing when web designers are able to encourage and support each other. While some friendly competition can be a good thing for inspiring others to reach out beyond their skill set, seeing people encourage each other is satisfying. For more information click here https://designuptodate.com/.

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