90% of US Citizens Use the Internet, But Almost None of Them Know This!

90% of US Citizens Use the Internet, But Almost None of Them Know This!

Statistics indicate that some four-fifths of the American population logs onto at least one account on one or more social media platforms on a monthly basis, at minimum. Nearly ninety percent of United States citizens regularly access the Internet - a truly astounding statistic, though it probably doesn't seem unbelievable to younger generations.

Even though we often access web pages across the Internet on a regular basis - some people only once a month, others several times per day - few Americans understand how to program their computers well enough to design websites. Go figure, huh?

How Are Websites Made?

Thoroughly answering this question would take too long - think textbook-length answers, but only for the beginner portion of website design; mid-level and advanced explanations would take seemingly (more like literally forever) - although it's essential to explain the language of website development.

Programming languages are similar to English, French, and Spanish in the sense they communicate information. However, programming languages differ from spoken and written languages humans use to communicate with one another in that they're always considered to be collections of instructions that - almost always for this last part, although such is not, in fact, always true, as compared to the absolute truth that the first part of this definition is - spur output.

So, in goes programming language, out comes output; easy enough, right? Wrong!What Makes Web Pages Look Like... Web Pages?HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is used to ascertain a web page's layout and build. While HTML is integral to the display of all web pages, even more important is the DOM - the HTML Document Object Model.

Shadow DOM And #ProgrammerProbz

Shadow DOM is a type of DOM that encapsulates, which segregates DOM and CSS effectively. This unique type of DOM is great for bits of design language that's often reused.

::part and ::theme are two very important parts of shadow DOM. To use them correctly, you must read extensively about shadow DOM and related web design protocol. Doing so will make sure you can readily share code between various website building projects. Failing to do so is easier - the following is a much easier code - but it can't be shared, at all, at least not very easily.

.button { color: purple; }

my-component .button
{color: yellow;}

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