6 Secrets to Typography Design for Bloggers and Web Designers

6 Secrets to Typography Design for Bloggers and Web Designers

If you are looking to improve the typography of your website, Pierreck Calvez offers a solution that will only take a matter of minutes to learn. Increasing your typography skills will allow you to effectively communicate when blogging or designing a website.

Think in Blocks

The idea of improving typography on your website is to increase the aesthetics of the letters used by improving fonts and formats. There is no exact science behind improving the type of your website, it will be aligned when it naturally comes together.

Pick at least four fonts that have a lot of weight.

Pick at least four weighted fonts when designing the text layout of a page. For example, you may pick between light, bold, regular and medium in the right combination to bring a layout together.

Contrast is key.

Contrast may vary in boldness, color, size and even strange fonts. People have a little bit of rebel in them, so many will want to read small little print above a large header. This is how you hook readers into your article or product description as if it was a roller coaster. Sometimes, you may even want to tend to skip certain weights or go out of order of typical headers.

Line Spacing

This is a big mistake made by most writers. Having too little or too much spacing between lines will make your paragraphs an unreadable mess. In general, you want line spacing to be around or slightly under 1.5 times the size of the font. Larger paragraphs will need to lean towards the larger line spacing.

Align to the left.

In general, aesthetically pleasing paragraphs will align to the left. he will reduce bulk to each line and will give each line a special pop that will keep things interesting.

Don't be afraid to use dashes.

In the English language, hyphens and dashes can be used in such a dynamic way as if you can create your own words. Check-in sounds much savvier than "check in". Em dashes can also allow for transitions in sentences that semicolons cannot fulfill.

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