3 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Website with JavaScript

3 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Website with JavaScript

How Animation Issues Can Affect Your Brand:
When you're designing a website, it's natural to want to include other materials than just plain old writing. Although animation can make a site feel livelier and more engaging, it can also have a negative effect if it's improperly implemented. For instance, if an animation takes too long to load, or only loads partially, it can actually make your site look less professional than you otherwise intended. Is there any way to avoid this issue and still include animations on your site? As it turns out, there are a few steps anyone can take to improve the optimization of their site and ensure that their audience always has a pleasurable experience when visiting.
Identifying The Problem

One of the biggest reasons for this issue is that sites try to load all of their materials in the fastest way possible, which can have the unintended effect of some content arriving on the end user's computer before others. Luckily, browsers have a built-in JavaScript function that can be used to get around this issue entirely.

Coding The Workaround

The primary means of circumventing this problem involves the animation-play-state property. Since this property informs the browser of when content is playing or paused, it can be modified to say it's paused while content is still be loading on the site. As long as you set up a js-loading class beforehand, and then remove it once everything is fully loaded, then you can easily set up the animation-play-state to only switch into play mode once the js-loading class has been removed.

Other Issues

Although this fix can help out most sites display better on a variety of browsers, there are still a few potential risks. The biggest issue is that JavaScript itself is not always properly enabled on an end user's computer. Regardless of whether they have it disabled on purpose, or due to an interaction with another plug-in, any fixes that involve JavaScript are by their nature a little unreliable. Despite these risks, the fix itself is reliable enough that you can trust it to perform well under most circumstances.

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