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Swarm is a digital studio, located in New York and founded in 2013, that specializes in developing mobile apps and website designs. With a team of knowledgeable and passionate employees, they strive to create products that are useful and emotionally engaging for their customers. Their focus lies in four areas of expertise: mobile app development, UX/UI design, web design and web development. They take pride in their successful projects for clients ranging from Enterprise and Mid Market businesses to small businesses and corporations. They also boast knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries, such as consumer products and services and media. Furthermore, their extensive skill set encompasses a variety of application platforms, framework and content management systems, mobile platforms, programming and scripting. Additionally, they specialize in developing health & wellness, other enterprise apps, productivity and publishing & digital content for mobile. Swarm is committed to each project they undertake and strive to work closely with their clients to ensure a successful outcome. Through their consulting approach, they stay in continuous communication with their clients to understand the products they create in an emotional and precise way. As a result, they have had multiple successful projects under their portfolio, resulting in their products often ranking in the top 10 and almost exclusively in the top 100 of the respective categories.