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If you own a website or you are an online marketer, responsive web design (RWD) could be the solution you need to expand your marketing reach. Smartphones, iPads and laptops are utilized by millions of people across the globe. A sizable percentage of these people use multiple hand-held technologies to transact online business and to gather information. To capture as much business as possible, smart SEM marketers and website owners have turned to RWD models. RWD follows the process of creating easy-to-view websites for smartphones, tablets, and laptops etc. What can a responsively designed website deliver? RWD can help provide cost-effective measures that address individual user needs for content, layout and navigation across a broad array of hand-held communication devices. If you own a business website, it can be viewed with the same ease whether the user arrives by mobile phone, laptop or tablet. RWD means there is no longer a need to build costly website designs for each device. If you are pursuing online success, RWD can help you reach more of the customers your business needs.