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Cynexis Media is an award-winning interactive agency based in Columbus, Ohio that creates exceptional web and mobile experiences for clients across a wide range of industries. Cynexis' strength comes from tightly integrating web strategy, user experience, and graphic design / web development skills. This combination and expertise powers Cynexis to integrate web and mobile development strategies with creative front-end design to produce interactive websites and mobile apps. These web and mobile assets deliver results in terms of increased adoption, active interaction, more sales conversions and a higher number of leads. They also make Cynexis known for award-winning integrated online marketing campaigns, conversion optimization and analytics implementations which positively impact the bottom line for clients. With an award-winning web design team and deep technology expertise in content management systems, eCommerce, Drupal, WordPress, Magento and hosted eCommerce platforms, Cynexis Media brings strategy, technology and creativity to life. Their account managers, marketers, designers and programmers interact with the clients and the projects from very early on – right from the planning phase of the project to turn their online presence into a smashing success. What follows is creativity fused with technology and rigorous testing to deliver a spot on application/website or social media presence. What can a responsively designed website deliver? RWD can help provide cost-effective measures that address individual user needs for content, layout and navigation across a broad array of hand-held communication devices. If you own a business website, it can be viewed with the same ease whether the user arrives by mobile phone, laptop or tablet. RWD means there is no longer a need to build costly website designs for each device. If you are pursuing online success, RWD can help you reach more of the customers your business needs.