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For more than a decade, Codal has been at the forefront of creating digital solutions for businesses of all sizes. From enterprise giants to small businesses, Codal’s team of web design, ecommerce, and user experience experts provide clients with the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies to help them stay competitive. Headquartered in Chicago, this 250-person firm works with industry leaders to create custom websites, mobile apps, and more. Their client portfolio includes organizations like United Airlines, Pepsi, Charles Schwab, and Boppy. Codal prides itself in offering services from product design and development, to service design, data strategy, and micro-service architecture, among others. The team at Codal is passionate about solving their clients’ business problems with accessible, engaging digital solutions. With their extensive portfolio of client experience, Codal has the expertise to create unique solutions that provide long-term solutions to their client’s business needs.