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Codal is a full-service digital consultancy originating in 2009, with over 250 employees and headquarters in Chicago. Established over a decade ago, they specialize in service lines such as ecommerce development, web design, and UX/UI design, and cater to client demograms ranging from enterprise to small business with industry focuses such as medical, eCommerce, business services, consumer products and services, financial services, and legal. Utilizing eCommerce systems such as Big Commerce and Shopify, frameworks and CMS such as AngularJS, NodeJS and Django, low code development like Salesforce Lightning, Mendix and Skuid, no code development like Webflow, Bubble, Thunkable and WEM, and user experience focus such as UX strategy, usability testing, and user research, they have helped countless clients from the likes of United Airlines, Pepsi, DEMDACO, Charles Schwab and more. Their mission is to work with the best, design with a purpose and engineer for a sustainable future. Through experienced business and technical experts, they create exceptional digital solutions that are accessible, engaging, and professional, in order to help optimize revenue streams, establish effective communication channels and maintain a competitive edge in the current business landscape. Utilizing data, sophisticated engineering and cutting-edge technology, Codal believes in helping clients set the standard for quality and innovation in their industry.