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Hub Ltd is an esteemed Portland based design agency that has been providing exemplary service for over a decade. Founded in 2004 by a visionary leader, Hub Ltd has quickly grown to be a reliable presence in the industry. Although modest in size, Hub Ltd employs only 10 people, they manage to service clients spanning a range of industries, from corporate & retail to higher education, government and even non-profits. The team at Hub Ltd works together to effectively capture the big idea of their customers and bring it to life, delivering powerful branding and graphic design services. The portfolio of services covers a wide range of service lines, including branding, graphic design, marketing strategy, packaging design, web design and more. Their client focus covers a broad spectrum from mid-market, enterprise and small business up to government businesses, educational institutions and non-profits. Hub Ltd also has a sizable portfolio in print design, covering a range of areas including brochures & pamphlets, merchandise, annual reports & newsletters, banners & signage, postcards and more. Their success has been recognized with many awards over the years, including a notable ranking for print design in 2019. With its high quality services and broad industry coverage, Hub Ltd is well placed to continue to deliver exceptional quality to its customers well into the future.