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Maxburst is a leading Web design firm in Long Island, New York. This agency carries a solid portfolio in e-commerce development that is entirely based on content management systems. There are many reasons that Maxburst applies open source technology for online stores. First of all, a CMS platform such as Magento Hosting comes with a price tag that doesn't intimidate even the smallest businesses. Traditional mom-and-pop stores can easily afford to buy Magento Hosting packages that include annual subscriptions with customer service. Maxburst encourages such clients to sign up for basic or mid-level plans that don't break the budget in the long term. Once the licensing is purchased for Magento Hosting, Maxburst proceeds with the technical aspects of installation and management. For example, Web hosts are configured to support shopping carts and product listings. Databases must also be integrated into a Web host that is linked to a Magento website.