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EIGHT25MEDIA is a Web design agency that boasts a prime office space in Silicon Valley. Based in the heart of California's high-tech hub, this company surely has great access to the latest innovations in IT solutions. For example, EIGHT25MEDIA often uses applications that are developed by top enterprises such as Apple, Oracle and Google. When building online stores, this Web design firm integrates free apps and other resources. For instance, Google Wallet can be added to a shopping cart on a custom e-commerce platform. Paypal is another convenient payment system that originates from Silicon Valley. Similarly, EIGHT25MEDIA can set up Apple Pay on mobile-friendly stores that cater to iPhone and iPad users. This agency is confident that e-commerce stores that run on content management systems will bring in a steady flow of cash. Therefore, Magento Hosting is the preferred open source system that EIGHT25MEDIA sets up for custom e-commerce websites.