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Brand and naming agency Tanj takes a top slot in its innovative communication strategy. With a precision that shows understanding for what they do, Tanj helps brands communicate messages in an effective, efficient and timely manner. Having worked with several leading brands around the globe, Tanj has positioned itself in a way that they have not only gained the understanding of the branding industry but have gained in-depth insight through which they help brands remain competitive regarding branding. The branding industry can easily be riddled with ambiguity, but Tanj helps to create stories that reflect the business ideologies in the simplest form for audiences to relate. Tanj offers services including Brand Voice, Brand Messaging, Taglines Copywriting among others. Tanj has won the respect of small, medium and large organizations and has helped several clients send out tailor-made messages to audiences of various cadre. As a global player, Tank understands the importance of placing itself strategically for future growth